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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Recent Publications from the Ng Lab

Barrasso K, Chac D, Debela MD, Geigel C, Steenhaut A, Rivera Seda A, Dunmire CN, Harris JB, Larocque RC, Midani FS, Qadri F, Yan J, Weil AA, Ng WL. 2022. Impact of a human gut microbe on Vibrio cholerae host colonization through biofilm enhancement. Elife. Mar 28;11:e73010. doi: 10.7554/eLife.73010. Abstract

Barrasso K, Watve S, Simpson CA, Geyman LJ, van Kessel JC, Ng WL. 2020. Dual-function quorum-sensing systems in bacterial pathogens and symbionts. PLoS Pathog. 16:e1008934. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1008934. Abstract

Watve S, Barrasso K, Jung SA, Davis KJ, Hawver LA, Khataokar A, Palaganas RG, Neiditch MB, Perez LJ, Ng WL. 2020. Parallel quorum-sensing system in Vibrio cholerae prevents signal interference inside the host. PLoS Pathog. 16:(2):e1008313. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1008313. Abstract

Severin GB, Ramliden MS, Hawver LA, Wang K, Pell ME, Kieninger AK, Khataokar A, O'Hara BJ, Behrmann LV, Neiditch MB, Benning C, Waters CM, Ng WL. 2018. Direct activation of a phospholipase by cyclic GMP-AMP in El Tor Vibrio cholerae. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 115: E6048-E6055. Abstract

Hawver LA, Giulietti JM, Baleja JD, Ng WL. 2016. Quorum sensing coordinates cooperative expression of pyruvate metabolism genes to maintain a sustainable environment for population stability. MBio 7: pii: e01863-016. Abstract

Hawver LA, Jung SA, Ng WL. 2016. Specificity and complexity in bacterial quorum-sensing systems. FEMS Microbiol Rev. 40: 738-752. Abstract

Jung SA, Hawver LA, Ng WL. 2016. Parallel quorum sensing pathways in Vibrio cholerae. Curr Genet. 62: 255-260. Abstract

Jung SA, Chapman CA, Ng WL 2015. Quadruple quorum-sensing inputs control Vibrio cholerae virulence and maintain system robustness. PLoS Pathog. 11: e1004837. Abstract

Perez LJ, Ng WL, Marano P, Brook K, Bassler BL, Semmelhack MF. 2012.  The role of the CAI-1 fatty acid tail in the Vibrio cholerae quorum sensing response. J Med Chem. Epub 55: 9669-9681. Abstract

Ng WL, Perez L, Cong J, Semmelhack MF, Bassler BL. 2012. Broad spectrum pro-quorum-sensing molecules as inhibitors of virulence in vibrios. PLoS Pathog. 8: e1002767 Abstract

Wei Y, Ng WL, Cong J, Bassler BL. 2012. Ligand and antagonist driven regulation of the Vibrio cholerae quorum-sensing receptor CqsS. Mol Micrbiol. 83: 1095-1108. Abstract