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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Shengdong Ke

Assistant Professor of Medicine
shengdong ke

Shengdong Ke

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Office phone: 207-288-6539
Campus: JAX - Bar Harbor, Maine
BS, Computational Biology, University of Science and Technology of China
PhD, Biological Sciences, Columbia University
Postdoctoral Training, Columbia University; The Rockefeller University
Research synopsis: 

As an indispensable molecule of living organisms, RNA plays key roles in various biological processes at both intra- and inter-cellular levels. My overall research interest is to study RNA from birth to death during organism neurological development, and its malfunctions in diseases for effective therapies in clinics. My research has been always implementing inter-discipline approaches, including bioinformatics (genomics), biochemistry, innovative biotechnologies, genetics and molecular biology.