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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

David Kaplan

Stern Family Professor of Biomedical Engineering
david kaplan

David Kaplan

Stern Family Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Office phone: 617-627-3251
Lab phone: 617-627-4320
Campus: Medford
Office: Science & Technology Center
Science & Technology Center 251
BS, Biology, University of Albany
PhD, Biology & Biochemistry, SUNY, Syracuse & Syracuse University
Postdoctoral Training, SUNY, Syracuse
Research synopsis: 

My research is at the interface between biology and materials science and engineering and aimed at understanding and controlling the biological synthesis and processing of polymers and polymer interfaces. This understanding is used to control the functional attributes of the polymers related to cell responses, solution properties, architectural control of assembly and self-assembly. This problem is addressed using genetic, physiological and enzymatic approaches. These concepts are also integrated into ongoing efforts in tissue engineering. Our studies are focused on the manipulation of adult human stem cells on novel protein-based matrices in novel bioreactors to generate desired tissue outcomes -- ligament, bone, cartilage.

Lab members: