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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Recent Publications from the Jay Lab

Wong DS, Jay DG. 2016. Emerging roles of extracellular Hsp90 in cancer. Adv Cancer Res. 129: 141-163. Abstract

McCready J, Wong DS, Burlison JA, Ying W, Jay DG. 2014. An impermeant ganetespib analog inhibits extracellular Hsp90-mediated cancer cell migration that involves lysyl oxidase 2-like protein. Cancers (Basel) 6: 1031-1046. Abstract

McCready J, Arendt LM, Glover E, Iyer V, Briendel JL, Lyle SR, Naber SP, Jay DG, Kuperwasser C. 2014. Pregnancy-associated breast cancers are driven by differences in adipose stromal cells present during lactation. Breast Cancer Res. 16: R2. Abstract

Sims JD, McCready J, Jay DG. 2011. Extracellular heat shock protein (Hsp)70 and Hsp90α assist in matrix metalloproteinase-2 activation and breast cancer cell migration and invasion. PLoS One. 6: e18848. Abstract

Cain JW, Hauptschein RS, Stewart JK, Bagci T, Sahagian GG, Jay DG. 2011. Identification of CD44 as a surface biomarker for drug resistance by surface proteome signature technology. Mol Cancer Res. 9: 637-647. Abstract