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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Gordon Huggins

Associate Professor of Medicine
Gordon Huggins

Gordon Huggins

Associate Professor of Medicine

Office phone: 617-636-2807
Lab phone: 617-636-2809
Campus: Boston
Office: 11th Floor
Tupper, 11th Floor
BA, Chemistry, Boston University
MD, Pritzker School of Medicine
Postdoctoral Training, Harvard School of Public Health
Research synopsis: 

The Huggins Lab investigates genetic and biological mechanisms of heart and cardiovascular disease using a two pronged approach. The first approach seeks to identify genes identified that contribute to human cardiovascular disease through large scale genomic screens. The second approach uses molecular and cellular biology techniques complemented by the use of animal models to study genetic regulators of muscle development and their role in muscle disease. The convergence of the two approaches offers an exciting platform for discovering important biological mechanisms and genetic human variations that contribute to disease.

Lab members: