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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Recent Publications from the Hatini Lab

Letizia A, He D, Astigarraga S, Colombelli J, Hatini V, Llimargas M, Treisman JE. 2019. Sidekick is a key component of tricellular adherens junctions that acts to resolve cell rearrangements. Dev Cell. 50: 313-326. Abstract

Fürth D, Hatini V, Lee JH. 2019. In situ transcriptome accessibility sequencing (INSTA-seq). BioRiv. August 3, 2019. 1–18.

Del Signore SJ, Cilla R, Hatini V. 2018. The WAVE regulatory complex and branched F-actin counterbalance contractile force to control cell shape and packing in the Drosophila eye. Dev Cell 44: 471-483. Abstract

Cilla R, Mechery V, Hernandez de Madrid B, Del Signore S, Dotu I, Hatini V. 2015. Segmentation and tracking of adherens junctions in 3D for the analysis of epithelial tissue morphogenesis. PLoS Comput Biol. 11: e1004124. Abstract

de Madrid BH, Greenberg L, Hatini V. 2015. RhoGAP68F controls transport of adhesion proteins in Rab4 endosomes to modulate epithelial morphogenesis of Drosophila leg discs. Dev Biol. 399: 283-295. Abstract

Hatini V, Kula E, Nusinow D, Del Signore SJ. 2013. Essential roles for stat92E in expanding and patterning theproximodistalaxis of the Drosophila wing imaginal disc. Dev Biol. 378: 38-50. Abstract

Del Signore SJ, Hayashia T, Hatini V. 2012. odd-skipped genes and lines organize the notum anterior-posterior axis using autonomous and non-autonomous mechanisms. Mech Dev. 129: 147-161. Abstract

Greenberg L, Hatini V. 2011. Systematic expression and loss-of-function analysis defines spatially restricted requirements for Drosophila RhoGEFs and RhoGAPs in leg morphogenesis. Mech Dev. 128: 5-17. Abstract