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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Irene Georgakoudi

Professor of Biomedical Engineering
irene georgakoudi

Irene Georgakoudi

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Office phone: 617-627-3231
Campus: Medford
Office: Science & Technology Center, 137
Science & Technology Center
BA, Physics, Dartmouth College
MSc, PhD, Biophysics, University of Rochester School of Medicine
Postdoctoral Training: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research synopsis: 

Our lab is leading efforts to develop and apply label-free optical high resolution imaging approaches to assess in a non-invasive, automated, and quantitative manner tissue functional and morphological properties. We have developed a number of methods to exploit endogenous light scattering and fluorescence contrast to assess cellular metabolic function and collagen organization and structure at micron level resolution and over time scales of seconds to months. The samples we examine vary include cell monolayers and suspensions, engineered 3D tissues, ex vivo and in vivo animal and human tissues. We are particularly interested in the application of these tools for improved understanding of the role of different aspects of metabolic and matrix changes in early cancer development and treatment responses, adipose and brain tissue function.

Lab members: