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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Michael Forgac

Professor Emeritus of Developmental, Molecular & Chemical Biology
Michael Forgac

Michael Forgac

Professor Emeritus of Developmental, Molecular & Chemical Biology

Office phone: 617-636-6939
Lab phone: 617-636-6922
Campus: Boston
Office: M&V 719
M&V 719
BS, Biology & Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
PhD, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Harvard University
Postdoctoral Training, Harvard University
Research synopsis: 

Our laboratory is focused on understanding the regulation and function of the vacuolar ATPases (V-ATPases) in normal and disease processes. The V-ATPases are a family of ATP-driven proton pumps which function in such processes as intracellular membrane traffic, bone resorption and renal acidification, as well as in many disease processes, including viral infection, bone disease and cancer. Our laboratory is employing a variety of biochemical, genetic and cell biological approaches to understand how assembly of the V-ATPases is regulated in mammalian cells and the role that V-ATPases play in nutrient sensing and energy homeostasis. In particular, we are interested in their role in controlling two central regulators of cell growth and metabolism, namely AMPK and mTOR. We are also investigating the role of V-ATPases in tumor cell invasion and survival using both in vitro cell culture models and in vivo mouse models, with the ultimate aim of developing therapeutic agents to inhibit tumor growth and metastasis.

Lab members: