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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Recent Publications from the Aldridge Lab

Goliaei A, Woods HA, Tron AE, Belmonte MA, Secrist JP, Ferguson D, Drew L, Fretland AJ, Aldridge BB, Gibbons FD. 2020. Multiscale model identifies improved schedule for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia in vitro with the Mcl1 inhibitor AZD5991. CPT Pharmacometrics Syst Pharmacol. 9: 561-570. Abstract

Smith TC 2nd, Pullen KM, Olson MC, McNellis ME, Richardson I, Hu S, Larkins-Ford J, Wang X, Freundlich JS, Ando DM, Aldridge BB. 2020. Morphological profiling of tubercle bacilli identifies drug pathways of action. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 117: 18744-18753. Abstract

De Rycker M, Horn D, Aldridge B, Amewu RK, Barry CE 3rd, Buckner FS, Cook S, Ferguson MAJ, Gobeau N, Herrmann J, Herrling P, Hope W, Keiser J, Lafuente-Monasterio MJ, Leeson PD, Leroy D, Manjunatha UH, McCarthy J, Miles TJ, Mizrahi V, Moshynets O, Niles J, Overington JP, Pottage J, Rao SPS, Read KD, Ribeiro I, Silver LL, Southern J, Spangenberg T, Sundar S, Taylor C, Van Voorhis W, White NJ, Wyllie S, Wyatt PG, Gilbert IH. 2020. Setting our sights on infectious diseases. ACS Infect Dis. 6: 3-13. Abstract

Ma S, Jaipalli S, Larkins-Ford J, Lohmiller J, Aldridge BB, Sherman DR, Chandrasekaran S. 2019. Transcriptomic signatures predict regulators of drug synergy and clinical regimen efficacy against tuberculosis. mBio 10: e02627-19. Abstract

Smith TC 2nd, Aldridge BB. 2019. Targeting drugs for tuberculosis. Science 364: 1234-1235. Abstract

Boot M, Commandeur S, Subudhi AK, Bahira M, Smith TC 2nd, Abdallah AM, van Gemert M, Lelièvre J, Ballell L, Aldridge BB, Pain A, Speer A, Bitter W. 2018. Accelerating early anti-tuberculosis drug discovery by creating mycobacterial indicator strains that predict mode of action. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 62: e00083-18. Abstract

Balaban NQ, Helaine S, Lewis K, Ackermann M, Aldridge B, Andersson DI, Brynildsen MP, Bumann D, Camilli A, Collins JJ, Dehio C, Fortune S, Ghigo JM, Hardt WD, Harms A, Heinemann M, Hung DT, Jenal U, Levin BR, Michiels J, Storz G, Tan MW, Tenson T, Van Melderen L, Zinkernagel A. 2019. Definitions and guidelines for research on antibiotic persistence. Nat Rev Microbiol. 17: 441-448. Abstract

Katzir I, Cokol M, Aldridge BB, Alon U. 2019. Prediction of ultra-high-order antibiotic combinations based on pairwise interactions. PLoS Comput Biol. 15: e1006774. Abstract

Logsdon MM, Aldridge BB. 2018. Stable regulation of cell cycle events in Mycobacteria: Insights from inherently heterogeneous bacterial populations. Front Microbiol. 9:541. Abstract

Hayashi JM, Richardson K, Melzer ES, Sandler SJ, Aldridge BB, Siegrist MS, Morita YS. 2018. Stress-nduced reorganization of the mycobacterial membrane domain. MBio 9: pii:e01823-17. doi: 10.1128/mBio.01823-17. Abstract

Sundarakrishnan A, Chen Y, Black LD, Aldridge BB, Kaplan DL. 2017. Engineered cell and tissue models of pulmonary fibrosis. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 129: 78-94. Abstract

Vijay S, Vinh DN, Hai HT, Ha VTN, Dung VTM, Dinh TD, Nhung HN, Tram TTB, Aldridge BB, Hanh NT, Thu DDA, Phu NH, Thwaites GE, Thuong NTT. 2017. Influence of stress and antibiotic resistance on cell-length distribution in Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates. Front Microbiol. 8: 2296. Abstract

Mann KM, Huang DL, Hooppaw AJ, Logsdon MM, Richardson K, Lee HJ, Kimmey JM, Aldridge BB, Stallings CL. 2017. Rv0004 is a new essential member of the mycobacterial DNA replication machinery. PloS Genet. 13: e1007115. Abstract

Logsdon MM, Ho PY, Papavinasasundaram K, Richardson K, Cokol M, Sassetti CM, Amir A, Aldridge BB. 2017. A parallel adder coordinates Mycobacterial cell-cycle progression and cell-size homeostasis in the context of asymmetric growth and organization. Curr Biol. 27: 3367-3374. Abstract

Cokol M, Kuru N, Bicak E, Larkins-Ford J, Aldridge BB. 2017. Efficient measurement and factorization of high-order drug interactions in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Sci Adv. 3:e1701881. Abstract

Richardson K, Bennion OT, Tan S, Hoang AN, Cokol M, Aldridge BB. 2016. Temporal and intrinsic factors of rifampicin tolerance in mycobacteria. Proc Natl Acad Sic USA. 113: 8302-8307. Abstract

Hayashi JM, Luo CY, Mayfield JA, Hsu T, Fukuda T, Walfield AL, Giffen SR, Leszyk JD, Baer CE, Bennion OT, Madduri A, Shaffer SA, Aldridge BB, Sassetti CM, Sandler SJ, Kinoshita T, Moody DB, Morita YS. 2016. Spatially distinct and metabolically active membrane domain in mycobacteria. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 113: 5400-5405.  Abstract

Aldridge BB, Keren I, Fortune SM. 2014. The spectrum of drug susceptibility in Mycobacteria. Microbiol Spectr. 2. doi: 10.1128/microbiolspec.MGM2-0031-201 Abstract

Sukumar N, Tan S, Aldridge BB, Russell DG. 2014. Exploitation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis reporter strains to probe the impact of vaccination at sites of infection. PLoS Pathog. 10: e1004394.Abstract

Aldridge BB, Rhee KY. 2014. Microbial metabolomics: innovation, application, insight. Curr Opin Microbiol. 19: 90-96. Abstract

Chao MC, Kieser KJ, Minami S, Mavrici D, Aldridge BB, Fortune SM, Alber T, Rubin EJ. 2013. Protein complexes and proteolytic activation of the cell wall hydrolase RipA regulate septal resolution in mycobacteria. PLoS Pathog, 9: e1003197. Abstract

Wirth SE, Krywy JA, Aldridge BB, Fortune SM, Fernandez-Suarez M, Gray TA, Derbyshire KM. 2012. Polar assembly and scaffolding proteins of the virulence-associated ESX-1 secretory apparatus in mycobacteria.  Mol Microbiol. 83: 654-664. Abstract

Aldridge BB, Fernandez-Suarez M, Heller D, Ambravaneswaran V, Irimia D, Toner M, Fortune SM. 2012. Asymmetry and aging of mycobacterial cells lead to variable growth and antibiotic susceptibility. Science 335: 100-104. Abstract