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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Pilar Alcaide

Kenneth and JoAnn G. Wellner Professor
Pilar Alcaide

Pilar Alcaide

Kenneth and JoAnn G. Wellner Professor

Office phone: 617-636-2192
Lab phone: 617-636-3951
Campus: Boston
Office: Jaharis 501I
Jaharis 501
BS, Biology, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
PhD, Molecular Biology, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Postdoctoral Training, Harvard Medical School
Research synopsis: 

Our lab combines the areas of immunology, vascular biology and cardiac physiology to study several aspects of adaptive immunity in diverse inflammatory settings, with a particular focus in the heart in the context of heart failure. The over-arching goal in the lab is to better understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms that take place during T lymphocyte trafficking to sites of inflammation, the lymphocyte effects in tissue resident cells, and how those can potentially be targeted in therapeutically useful ways. The lab combines in vitro flow systems and real time videomicroscopy to study the mechanisms regulating T cell-endothelial cell interactions, and several in vivo mouse models of T cell mediated acute and chronic inflammation, including experimental models of autoimmunity, and heart failure.

Lab members: