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Career Seminars

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The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is deeply committed to insuring that all students are exposed to a wide range of career opportunities. Seminars, networking events, workshops and courses provide this exposure.

The Graduate Student Council, the Biomedical Business Club and the Tufts Postdoctoral Association also partner with GSBS to host a number of Career Seminars as an opportunity for students to learn about the wide range of careers in biological sciences. The Graduate Program in Neuroscience also sponsors career-oriented seminars.

These events are intended to help students make meaningful contacts with professionals in biotechnology, medicine, business, law, and education. Students in their early graduate education looking for direction in their career as well as senior students and postdoctoral scholars looking more seriously at the job market benefit from these events.

Check the GSBS Calendar for information on upcoming events.

If you are interested in a particular career area or topic, please contact a current Student Council representative. Suggestions are always welcome!

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GSBS Calendar

GSBS sponsors many seminars and workshops. Check the calendar for information.