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Individual Development Plans

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Planning for a future career is one of the most important parts of graduate training, but it requires thought and effort on the part of each student. Options need to be considered, ideas need to be tested and professional skills need to be developed and honed. Career planning is also an active process that can be facilitated by conversations with mentors including peer mentors, career mentors, faculty mentors and others.

To assist our students with career planning and professional development, GSBS provides Individual Development Plan (IDP) documents and asks each student to review and update these on a regular basis.

The first of these documents, called the IDP, is intended to be one tool that can help you consider your career aspirations and the types of skills and attributes that may affect your career aspirations and your ability to attain your goals. It is not intended to predict or identify careers that match your skills.

A second document, called the Training and Career Goals Progress Report, is designed to help you think about what you are learning and how you are developing professionally. Please complete this report with a reflective assessment of your current progress and the plans that you have for reaching both your short- and long-term career goals. Note that some questions may not apply depending on your stage of training.

Download the IDP and Training and Career Goals Progress Report from the Forms page.

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