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Career & Professional Development Events

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GSBS will be offering a series of Career and Professional Development seminars throughout the 2022-23 Academic Year. Taught by experts including Lauren Celano (Propel Career founder) and Dr. Nana Lee (Director of Graduate Professional Development & Mentorship, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream at the University of Toronto), these seminars are designed to help students explore their career options, prepare for the job market, and translate their PhD skills to any number of career paths.

In addition to the seminar series, GSBS will be offering one-on-one career coaching meetings with Lauren Celano.

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Upcoming Events


Navigating your Career Choices with Lauren Celano

September 26, 4 – 6pm

This seminar provides tips and advice in order to structure an effective career exploration process and ultimately a career search. We will focus on important questions to ask in order to identify “drivers” that can influence career choices. Once identified, we will provide examples for how to leverage these drivers during a career search. We will cover a range of career paths outside of traditional academic PI and industry research roles in order to increase awareness of the numerous career paths available. We will talk about timing for these activities and how to track progress, focus your time and lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed. Lastly, we will provide tips for how to engage others to help you, so that you are not alone in this process.

This session will be offered in-person, with an option for hybrid participation.

Register for September 26th here.


Introduction to Individual Development Plans (IDPs): Optimizing Research Productivity and Professional Development with Nana Lee

October 6, 4 – 6pm

At the end of this workshop, learners will have an understanding of how to effectively use the AAAS individual development plan for goal-setting in research productivity and career development while using the tool for optimal mentorship. Attendees will be given peer and instructor-led feedback on best avenues to attain SMART (specific, measureable, action-oriented, realistic, time-bound) goals with an overview of multiple career options available to them. All attendees are encouraged to complete the 15-20 minute IDP before the workshop for an optimal experience.

This session will be offered in-person, with an option for hybrid participation.

Register for October 6th here.

How to Evaluate, Build and Highlight Transferable and Career Relevant Skills with Lauren Celano

October 20, 4 – 6pm

This seminar provides insight on how to evaluate transferable skills and which skills are valued in various careers. Through this seminar, Lauren will highlight common non‐scientific skills that scientists can build while performing research and also will show ways to apply these to their desired career paths. Advice will be provided for various careers including research and non‐research focused roles. Lauren will provide guidance on how to package scientific and non‐scientific skills on resumes, cover letters, and during interviews.

This session will be offered virtually.

Register for October 20th here.


Wellness and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Professional and Career Development with Nana Lee

November 3, 4 – 6pm

The goal of this workshop is to introduce or re-emphasize the concepts of an equity-minded scholar, allyship and wellness issues and how to bring these concepts into daily practice throughout a scientific career and during the job application process. Attendees are encouraged to view the film Picture a Scientist before the discussion.

This session will be offered in-person, with an option for hybrid participation.

Register for November 3rd here.


Storytelling with Nana Lee

December 1, 4 – 6pm

This workshop will highlight the techniques to effectively tell your story in marketing yourself to the rest of the world during networking, interviews, presentations, and applications to create career opportunities and land your dream job.

This session will be offered in-person, with an option for hybrid participation.

Register for December 1st here.

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