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BDBS Required Application Documents

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It is important to submit all of the correct admissions documents in a timely manner. To assist you with this task, information about all of the materials you are required to submit is given below.  Additional information that will help you understand how to obtain the information and the requirements that need to be met is also included.

Application Form

The application form can be accessed through the online application system.

Once your application has been submitted you will receive an email confirmation from our school.  You will be able to log in anytime with the username and password you created to view the status of your application materials. 

Personal Statement

Please upload your personal statement in the online application system.  You can find your programs' specific personal statement question under the BDBS Summer Research information page.

Applicants must prepare a personal statement to include evidence of scientific achievement or interest in science or healthcare settings. For example, if you have previous research experience, please describe it in detail, answering the following questions: Who was your mentor? What was the purpose of the project? Why was it an interesting project? What methods did you use? What were the results, and what did they mean? Also, describe your career goals, areas of research that particularly interest you, and reasons for wanting to participating in BDBS.

Letters of Recommendations

In the online application under Recommendations on the left hand navigation, applicants are required to list names and information of two persons who are willing to write letters of recommendation appraising their potential to succeed in the BDBS program. The authors should submit their letters of reference online. If you have had previous research experience, it is recommended that one or both of your letters come from your research advisor(s). The other letter may come from a faculty member, employer, director of your MARC or MBRS program, or other appropriate person. Your recommenders will be sent an email providing instructions and a link to the online recommendation system and a second email confirming his/her letter has been submitted. You will also receive confirmation emails each time a recommender submits his/her letter for you. All letters of recommendation must be submitted through the online system.


Please upload a scanned copy or digital facsimile of your transcript from all colleges and universities you have attended. You may upload those pages as single- or multi-page PDF or each page as a JPEG or TIFF image file. Your scanned document may be large and may take several minutes to upload depending on the speed of your connection.

Tips on scanning transcripts

  • If your transcript has a social security number on it, black it out before scanning
  • Upload the transcript key on the back of your transcript(s). Only one key is necessary per transcript.
  • Upload transcripts as pdf, .doc, .jpg, or .tiff
  • Scanned documents must be clearly legible.
  • Transcripts must have the student's name and the college/university name to be accepted.

Official transcripts

If you are offered admission, you will be required to submit official hardcopies of your transcripts in signed and sealed envelopes through the mail or electronically via Safe Script or the National Clearing House. Transcripts should be mailed directly from the institution to the GSBS Dean's Office, at the address listed below (under "Contact Information"). All official transcripts must be received before the start of the BDBS program at the  Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Contact Information

Office of the Dean – Admissions

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Suite 813

Tufts University School of Medicine

136 Harrison Avenue

Boston, MA 02111

Phone: 617-636-6767

email Admissions


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