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Clinical Science Division Students

Students in the Clinical & Translational Science Program are usually also members of various clinical and research fellowship training programs at Tufts Medical Center. Financial support for participants’ tuition, stipend, fees and insurance are typically provided through federally-funded grants and other resources from within these fellowship training programs.

The fellowship stipends vary according to the post graduate levels of the participants and the available training funds. For matriculated master's program students, the GSBS usually covers a partial tuition scholarship for the difference between National Institutes of Health's allotted tuition and the full-time GSBS tuition cost.

2021-2022 Clinical Science Division Expenses and Financial Support

Tuition and Fees Financial Support
Full-time Tuition $26,664 Financial support varies depending on the funding source.

Students should ask the Clinical & Translational Science Program Office for more information about specific circumstances.
Health Administration Fee $250
Health Insurance $5,604
Student Activity Fee $120

Per credit cost for non-degree coursework and Certificates for students entering in Summer 2018 or later is $1,666 per credit.

Fall semester bills are due the first week of August; Spring semester bills are due the first week of December. All students, regardless of the source of their funding, must pay all outstanding charges by the due date. Students who do not pay in a timely manner will be subject to late fees, prevented from registering, and ultimately will be withdrawn from school.

F-1 visa holders who are not enrolled as full-time students are out of status, and must leave the country.

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