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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Mammalian Genetics at JAX

The Jackson Laboratory

The Graduate School of Biomedical Science in Boston, MA, and The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) in Bar Harbor, ME, collaboratively offer the Mammalian Genetics at JAX Track within the Genetics Ph.D. Program. JAX is a premiere, non-profit institution for mammalian genetics and genomics research, focused on the study of health, disease, and treatment. Research interests include cancer and immunology, neurodegeneration and dementia, aging, development and reproduction, computational biology, and systems genetics. JAX’s research community includes about 75 interns, graduate students and postdoctoral associates, providing a welcoming, collegial environment for PhD students in the JAX Track.

The Mammalian Genetics at JAX Track within the GSBS Genetics Ph.D. Program offers students a unique graduate school experience, combining the academic excellence of Tufts University, the clinical perspective of Tufts Medical Center, and the powerful model organism expertise of The Jackson Laboratory.

At JAX, JAX Track PhD students have access to all of the scientific resources of The Jackson Laboratory, including comprehensive research core facilities and exceptional training opportunities through JAX’s Courses & Conferences programs. The breadth of JAX’s research enterprise allows JAX Track PhD students to gain applicable training for careers in or out of academia, at or away from the bench.

Students in the JAX track conduct their thesis research at JAX.

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