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Student Publications

Publication in peer-reviewed journals is a very important part of graduate training. Publications by students in the Mammalian Genetics at JAX track in the past five years are listed below. Note that the track admitted its first students in 2011 and has graduated three students to date. The names of student authors are in bold font.


Jackson HM, Foley KE, O'Rourke R, Stearns TM, Fathalla D, Morgan BP, Howell GR. 2020. A novel mouse model expressing human forms for complement receptors CR1 and CR2. BMC Genet. 21: 101. doi: 10.1186/s12863-020-00893-9. Abstract


Bhattacharyya T, Walker M, Powers NR, Brunton C, Fine AD, Petkov PM, Handel MA. 2019. Prdm9 and meiotic cohesin proteins cooperatively promote DNA double-strand break formation in mammalian spermatocytes. Curr Biol. 29: 1002-1018. Abstract

Buchanan RA, Foley KE, Pepper KW, Reagan AM, Keezer KJ, Hewes AA, Diemler CA, Preuss C, Soto I, John SWM, Howell GR. 2019. Meox2 haploinsufficiency accelerates axonal degeneration in DBA/2J glaucoma. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 60: 3238-3296. Abstract

Fine AD, Ball RL, Fujiwara Y, Handel MA, Carter GW. 2019. Uncoupling of transcriptomic and cytological differentiation in mouse spermatocytes with impaired meiosis. Mol Biol Cell. 30: 717-728. Abstract

Graham LC, Grabowska WA, Chun Y, Risacher SL, Philip VM, Saykin AJ; Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI), Sukoff Rizzo SJ, Howell GR. 2019. Exercise prevents obesity-induced cognitive decline and white matter damage in mice. Neurobiol Aging. 80: 154-172. Abstract

Neuner SM, Heuer SE, Zhang JG, Philip VM, Kaczorowski CC. 2019. dentification of pre-symptomatic gene signatures that predict resilience to cognitive decline in the genetically diverse AD-BXD model. Front Genet. 10:35. Abstract

Neuner SM, Heuer SE, Huentelman MJ, O'Connell KMS, Kaczorowski CC. 2019. Harnessing genetic complexity to enhance translatability of Alzheimer's disease mouse models: A path toward precision medicine. Neuron 101:399-411. Abstract

Williams PA, Braine CE, Kizhatil K, Foxworth NE, Tolman NG, Harder JM, Scott RA, Sousa GL, Panitch A, Howell GR, John SWM. 2019. Inhibition of monocyte-like cell extravasation protects from neurodegeneration in DBA/2J glaucoma. Mol Neurodegener. 14: 6. Abstract


Marnik EA, Wang X, Sproule TJ, Park G, Christianson GJ, Lane-Reticker SK, Jain S, Duffy T, Wang H, Carter GW, Morse HC 3rd, Roopenian DC. 2017. Precocious interleukin 21 expression in naive mice identifies a natural helper cell population in autoimmune disease. Cell Rep. 21: 208-221. Abstract

Ratiu JJ, Racine JJ, Hasham MG, Wang Q, Branca JA, Chapman HD, Zhu J, Donghia N, Philip V, Schott WH, Wasserfall C, Atkinson MA, Mills KD, Leeth CM, Serreze DV. 2017. Genetic and small molecule disruption of the AID/RAD51 axis similarly protects nonobese diabetic mice from type 1 diabetes through expansion of regulatory B lymphocytes. J Immunol. 198: 4255-4267. Abstract

Wang Q, Racine JJ, Ratiu JJ, Wang S, Ettinger R, Wasserfall C, Atkinson MA, Serreze DV. 2017. Transient BAFF blockade inhibits type 1 diabetes development in nonobese diabetic mice by enriching immunoregulatory B lymphocytes sensitive to deletion by anti-CD20 cotherapy. J Immunol. 199: 3757-3770. Abstract


Borikar S, Trowbridge JJ. 2016. The mediator of hematopoietic stem cell homeostasis. Cell Stem Cell 19: 677-678. Abstract

Graham LC, Harder JM, Soto I, de Vries WN, John SW, Howell GR. 2016. Chronic consumption of a western diet induces robust glial activation in aging mice and in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Sci Rep. 6: 21568. Abstract

Leeth CM, Racine J, Chapman HD, Arpa B, Carrillo J, Carrascal J, Wang Q, Ratiu J, Egia-Mendikute L, Rosell-Mases E, Stratmann T, Verdaguer J, Serreze DV. 2016. B-lymphocytes expressing an immunoglobulin specificity recognizing the pancreatic ß-cell autoantigen peripherin are potent contributors to type 1 diabetes development in NOD mice. Diabetes pii: db151606. Abstract

Mahmoud TI, Wang J, Karnell JL, Wang Q, Wang S, Naiman B, Gross P, Brohawn PZ, Morehouse C, Aoyama J, Wasserfall C, Carter L, Atkinson MA, Serreze DV, Braley-Mullen H, Mustelin T, Kolbeck R, Herbst R, Ettinger R. 2016. Autoimmune manifestations in aged mice arise from early-life immune dysregulation. Sci Transl Med. 8: 361ra137. Abstract

Soto I, Grabowska WA, Onos KD, Graham LC, Jackson HM, Simeone SN, Howell GR. 2016. Meox2 haploinsufficiency increases neuronal cell loss in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Neurobiol Aging 42: 50-60. Abstract

Young K, Borikar S, Bell R, Kuffler L, Philip V, Trowbridge JJ. 2016. Progressive alterations in multipotent hematopoietic progenitors underlie lymphoid cell loss in aging. J Exp Med. 213: 2259-2267. Abstract


Guedj F, Pennings JL, Ferres MA, Graham LC, Wick HC, Miczek KA, Slonim DK, Bianchi DW. 2015. The fetal brain transcriptome and neonatal behavioral phenotype in the Ts1Cje mouse model of Down syndrome. Am J Med Genet A. 167A: 1993-2008. Abstract

Jackson HM, Onos KD, Pepper KW, Graham LC, Akeson EC, Byers C, Reinholdt LG, Frankel WN, Howell GR. 2015. DBA/2J genetic background exacerbates spontaneous lethal seizures but lessens amyloid deposition in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. PLoS One 10: e0125897. Abstract

Jain S, Chen J, Nicolae A, Wang H, Shin DM, Adkins EB, Sproule TJ, Leeth CM, Sakai T, Kovalchuk AL, Raffeld M, Ward JM, Rehg JE, Waldmann TA, Jaffe ES, Roopenian DC, Morse HC 3rd. 2015. IL-21-driven neoplasms in SJL mice mimic some key features of human angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma. Am J Pathol. 185: 3102-3114. Abstract

Jay TR, Miller CM, Cheng PJ, Graham LC, Bemiller S, Broihier ML, Xu G, Margevicius D, Karlo JC, Sousa GL, Cotleur AC, Butovsky O, Bekris L, Staugaitis SM, Leverenz JB, Pimplikar SW, Landreth GE, Howell GR, Ransohoff RM, Lamb BT. 2015. TREM2 deficiency eliminates TREM2+ inflammatory macrophages and ameliorates pathology in Alzheimer's disease mouse models. J Exp Med. 212: 287-295. Abstract

Soto I, Graham LC, Richter HJ, Simeone SN, Radell JE, Grabowska W, Funkhouser WK, Howell MC, Howell GR. 2015. APOE stabilization by exercise prevents aging neurovascular dysfunction and complement induction. PLoS Biol. 13: e1002279. Abstract