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Immuno Career Outcomes

To help all applicants and others interested in the Immunology program, we have summarized information of the careers that are being pursued by the 106 Immunology PhD and MD/PhD graduates who graduated from 2000 to the present. This information is updated annually.

Information about individual alumni can be found on our Immunology alumni page.

Immunology Careers 2021


The number in the parentheses equals the number of graduates in the category. The size of each box reflects the number of individuals in each category.


  • Edu - Individuals engaged in science education
  • Faculty Research - Faculty at institutions of higher education who conduct discovery research as a significant portion of their activity
  • Faculty Teaching - Faculty at institutions of higher education whose primary role is teaching
  • Sci-R - Individuals in administrative roles in universities related to science
  • Staff Sci - Individuals conducting laboratory research in a staff role
  • Training - Individuals in postdoctoral or residency (MD/PhD) training

For Profit

  • Not Sci - Individuals who are pursuing a career unrelated to science
  • Research - Individuals who lead research teams or actively conduct discovery research
  • Science-Related - Individuals in business development, writing, product development, administration, clinical research, manufacturing oversight, intellectual property law, consulting and similar careers

Other Categories

  • Gov S-R - Individuals in science-related positions at a government entity
  • Gov - Trg - Individuals pursuing postdoctoral training at a government entity
  • NLF - Individuals who are not in the labor force
  • U - Unknown; individuals for whom current information is unavailable