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students at the retreat

Every year members of the Genetics program travel to an off-campus site for a retreat, usually in collaboration with faculty from the Mammalian Genetics at JAX track. In recent years, the annual retreats have been held in conjunction with CMDB faculty based on the Tufts campuses in Boston and at Maine Medical Center Research Institute. Bringing together faculty, students, postdoctoral scholars and staff in a pleasant and informal environment provides a special scientific and social experience that is an integral part of our program.

The two-day retreat includes research presentations by faculty, students and postdoctoral scholars as well as opportunities for program planning. Feedback and discussion with students is an important part of the event.

Informal interaction and time for socializing is also an important part of the retreat.

High Seas at JAX

Mammalian Genetics at JAX

The Genetics Program offers the Mammalian Genetics at JAX track in collaboration with The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, ME.