CMDB Seminar-Based Courses

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Graduate Seminar

The CMDB seminar program seminar series features speakers from laboratories around the world who come to interact with the students and other members of the Program.

Students typically have opportunities to interact informally with speakers and often join the speaker for lunch.

Student Forum

All CMDB students present their research annually in the form of a public talk.  Students earlier in their research careers give shorter talks, while student in their 4th or 5th year give 30-45 minute talks.

These annual student seminars are important learning experiences, providing an opportunity to develop presentation skills and to receive feedback on the state and direction of research.

Journal Club

Second-, third-, and fourth year CMDB students participate in a journal club facilitated by faculty members in the Program.  There are two Journal Club sections, typically with 10 or fewer students in each section. 

Each week one student works with the faculty facilitator to select an article of interest to present.  During discussion of the paper, students are encouraged to critically evaluate the hypotheses, methods and conclusions of the article. 

The course provides training in the essential skill of critical reading of the scientific literature, and provides students with the opportunity to improve their presentation skills in a small and familiar environment.