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BiomM Curriculum



Graduate students in BiomM complete required and elective didactic courses that provide a strong background in the biomedical sciences, as well as in management concepts relevant to the biosciences industry. Students complete either a twelve-month academic lab experience or a worksite research project supervised by a GSBS faculty member. Students will also complete two summer internships in industry, together with a capstone experience designed to integrate all aspects of BiomM training.


All students are required to complete a minimum of 11 courses over the two years of the program. These cover foundational biomedical science topics, ethics, project management, and electives.

Research Experience

The research experience in an academic biomedical lab is designed to introduce students to the processes of laboratory research and management. For students already working in a research setting, a project based in their current lab and overseen by a GSBS faculty mentor may be an option.

Experiential Learning

BiomM students will complete two summers of experiential learning. This will consist of either an industry internship aligned with the student’s lab project; or, for those who are already working in industry, a worksite project at their company. During these internships, students will participate in a fortnightly seminar.

Capstone Experience

The capstone experience is designed to integrate the different aspects of BiomM training and evaluate the student’s grasp of the core program competencies. Students will present their research, demonstrating an understanding of their scientific premise and the aim of their study. Students are expected to present a rigorous analysis of their results, a discussion of how these results inform the premise, and what future studies could be done to achieve or extend the aim.


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Boston is a major biotech center and growing every day! It's a great place to prepare for your career.

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