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School Facts

Students in Class

PhD degrees conferred: 912
MS degrees conferred: 291

2020-2021 Academic Year

Student/faculty ratio: ~1:1
Percentage of PhD students receiving a stipend: 95
Percentage of PhD students receiving tuition funding: 95
Number of Full-time Faculty: 210

Individual PhD applications: 487
Individual MD/PhD applications: 383
Individual MS applications: 46
New students: 44
Total GSBS enrollment: 208
Age range of students: 22 to 41
Percentage of female students: 61
Number of states and US territories represented by students: 23
Percentage of international (non US citizen) students: 20
Number of home nations represented by students: 22
Mean undergraduate GPA for the entering class: 3.5

Number of students per program:

Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology: 28
Clinical & Translational Science: 18
Genetics: 29
Immunology: 24
Molecular Microbiology: 40
Neuroscience: 30
Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics: 4
Pharmacology & Drug Development: 17
MD/PhD Program: 40

Students in Class

2020 - 2021 Entering Class

This year, 44 new students, selected from over over 900 applicants, joined our school.

Student working in the lab

Women at GSBS

GSBS is committed to training both men and women for fulfilling careers; about 60% of our students are women.