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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Let's Talk About Racism Seminar Series

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This year GSBS has been excited to partner with Chris Dulla, PhD, Director of the GSBS Neuroscience PhD program and Neuroscience PhD candidate Sadi Quiñones. Sadi is the recipient of a Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study, a three-year grant designed to increase diversity in the biomedical sciences.

Together Dr. Dulla and Sadi created an ongoing seminar series explicitly addressing racism in STEM fields. The series, called “Let’s Talk About Racism: Academia, Accountability, and A Way Forward”, features speakers from medicine and biomedical sciences, as well as those who study the intersection of race and education. It is funded by the Gilliam Fellowship, the Neuroscience program, and the Tufts IRACDA program.

The program has been widely attended.

The seminars in the program have been recorded and are available online.

Listen to the Let's Talk About Racism seminars.

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